Brisbane enter snap 3-day lockdown as cluster continues to grow

Uh oh, spaghettio. Rona’s back baby and she’s really sticking it to Queensland this time.

Just when we thought that things were going back to normal, Covid is back with vengeance. In today’s episode, the Greater Brisbane area has been hit with a cluster involving the highly infectious UK strain. Early this morning, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced that 10 new cases had been reported overnight.

“I can report that we have 10 new cases overnight,” she told press. “Now, eight of these are community-acquired cases. Six are close contacts of confirmed cases. And two are currently under investigation, but we believe that they are also linked to the two people. So, two are also overseas-acquired, and once again coming via Papua New Guinea.”

Brisbane lockdown

Amongst the growing cluster is a nurse from Princess Alexandra Hospital and her sister: both of whom visited a Byron Bay hens party while infectious. This means that there are now 78 active cases of Covid-19 across QLD hospitals. “Now, of course, we want to get on top of this community transmission, so the steps that we took to go into this lockdown, as you can see by those numbers of community transmission today, was absolutely the right call,” Ms Palaszczuk explained.

Everything you need to know about Brisbane’s lockdown

From Monday 5 pm (March 29), the Greater Brisbane area will be placed under lockdown. Restrictions will last until Thursday 5 pm and will be reviewed on Wednesday night. However, authorities have warned that this period could be extended.

The strictest regulations will apply to those in the Logan, Ipswich, Redlands, Moreton, and Brisbane council areas. Anyone who has visited these areas since March 20 has to abide by these rules. Residents are only allowed to leave home if they are shopping for essential items, for work or study, for healthcare, or for exercise in a local area. You know, the standard stuff.

Greater Brisbane households are only allowed two visitors, with gatherings in the rest of QLD limited to 30 people. Schools have also been closed with exceptions made for children of essential workers and the vulnerable.

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