Brissie salon Togninis are helping give blokes feel good shaves

You may have noticed that quite a few Aussie fellas have built up a bit of iso-scruff since lockdown.

Togninis hair salon in Brisbane noticed, and they’ve hired man’s best friend to get guys feeling good about grooming once more!

Jules Togninis & Lola

Brisbane-based hair salon Togninis has recruited a bulldog named Lola to help get Aussie blokes feeling good and back into grooming habits.

In quarantine, you may have let your beard grow a bit messy, but with lockdowns easing it’s time to get back into the swing of grooming! Jules Tognini’s salon might be exactly what you need. The salon recently partnered with the Queensland Bulldog Club‘s Lola, (pictured above) to help provide a real feel-good shaving experience. That’s right, you get a shave AND get to pat the pooch. And Lola isn’t complaining, COVID had her outta work until Togninis came along.

Jules, the owner of Togninis has been a hair-doer since 2006 and has won best male hairdresser of the year three times. As a grooming educator, he wants “to offer expertise, but also inject the feel good element back into grooming”. That’s why he and Lola the bulldog are launching a brand new, Feel Good Shave Service. It’s a great idea for these times. Research from Bulldog Skincare for men revealed that even with isolation lifting, 25% of Aussie dudes are hesitant to get back into that barber chair.

That’s where Lola comes in. Vikki Lamb, Lola’s owner says, “Lola is a total show dog – she’s so friendly and just loves being around people”. With the pooch around for a pat, combined with Jules’s grooming experience, there really couldn’t be a better way to get back into the swing of shaving. Not to mention, the Feel Good Shave Service that Togninis is offering lets participants take home a shaving kit including an Original Bamboo Razor from Bulldog Skincare. Yup, it’s made out of bamboo and is totally biodegradable at the end of its life. If you’d like, grab yourself a booking right here.