British Pedal Company Unleashes Limited Edition King of Fuzz Tone Bender to Celebrate King Charles III’s Coronation

Get ready to add some royal fuzz to your pedalboard!

The British Pedal Company has unveiled a limited edition version of their beloved Tone Bender pedal, aptly named the King of Fuzz. With only 250 units available worldwide, this special release pays tribute to the coronation of King Charles III.

Featuring hand-selected components, the King of Fuzz retains the iconic sound of the Tone Bender Professional MkII but comes in a striking hand-painted Union Jack enclosure. It’s not just the exterior that’s fit for a king; this pedal packs a punch with three OC81D germanium transistors, delivering unparalleled warmth and saturation.

Simplicity meets power on the top panel, offering Level and Attack controls, while a high-quality Carling footswitch takes care of bypass duties. Each pedal is a work of art, complete with a limited edition certificate, hand-signed and numbered by the skilled builder.

This limited edition King of Fuzz Tone Bender showcases attention to detail, from its stunning Union Jack finish to the King Charles Coronation backplate. Known as a staple among rock royalty, the Tone Bender MKII has been utilized by legendary guitarists like Jimmy Page, catapulting electric guitar tones to new heights.

Whether you’re a collector or a tone enthusiast, don’t miss your chance to secure one of these highly sought-after pedals. Only 250 are available, with 100 numbered units exclusively sold on Reverb. Priced at £339, these regal fuzz machines are available now, so act swiftly to avoid missing out on this majestic sonic experience.

If the limited edition isn’t within your reach, fear not! The British Pedal Company also offers the regular Professional Tone Bender MKII OC81D in a classic grey enclosure, still a limited edition with its distinctive transistors. Priced at £279, you can order it directly from British Pedal Company and enjoy the same exceptional tones as heard in the iconic It Might Get Loud documentary.

Prepare to reign supreme over your sound with the King of Fuzz Tone Bender. Let the fuzz reign and experience a fuzz pedal fit for a king!

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