Burning fossil fuels will make us dumber, scientists say

Our scientist friends have just announced that increasing levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere will significantly impact our cognitive function by the end of the century.

That’s right, not only will burning fossil fuels destroy our ecosystem, cause a climate crisis and turn our planet into a Mad Max wasteland, but it’s also going to turn you into a moron.

climate change

New scientific research can confirm that lots of nasty, man-made gas in our atmosphere will make us a whole lot dumber.

Since the beginning of humanity’s obsession with burning fossil-fuels, our atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide has been rapidly spreading. Due to this explosion, there is currently more gas in our air than there has been for the last 800,000 years.  That is 410 parts per million (ppm) to be exact.

Scientists warn that if our gas emissions continue to be as frequent and offensive as they now, indoor concentrations of CO2 could reach a whopping 1400 ppm. Something no human alive has experienced before…

Turns out that this continued release of the toxic gas will cause sleepiness, increase anxiety and burn up our ability for complex cognitive function, as increased levels of CO2 in the bloodstream deprive our brains of vital oxygen. A study published in the GeoHealth journal reports that our basic decision-making skills could deteriorate by 25% and complex strategic thinking by 50% as we near 2100.

However, researchers note that more experiments need to be conducted to explore the full potential of CO2 concentration, and are excited to return to the lab to poke around a couple gassy areas.

“This is a complex problem, and our study is at the beginning,” the study’s leader author Kris Karnauskas stated. “We need even broader… teams of researchers to explore this: investigating each step in our own silos will not be enough.”