12 songs, 26 minutes: Cakefight’s debut LP is an all-out assault of high-energy scuzz

I’m not sure there has ever existed a two-piece band capable of creating as much of a loud, chaotic explosion as Melbourne duo Cakefight.

On their insanely infectious and incredibly fuzzy self-titled debut album, Cakefight rip through a twelve song tracklist in under 26 minutes with absolute ferocity. It’s bloody insane.

On their debut LP, Cakefight do not afford you time to stop and breathe; this is a sprint from start to finish – so you can either keep up, or fuck right off.

Right from the first scuzzy guitar chord of album opener Different World, Andrew Porter and Vanessa Morris deliver a non-stop assault of highly energetic, jangly garage punk full of unbelievably catchy hooks that will dig themselves into your brain.

Recorded and mixed by Brooke Penrose (Saint Jude) and mastered by Mikey Young (Total Control, Eddy Current Suppression Ring), the album is brimming with amazingly loveable, danceable tracks.

Amongst all this noise the standout for me is Devil; a punchy, raucous, ball-tearer of a tune with one of the most memorable hooks on the record. Devil also clocks in as the album’s longest at 2 minutes, 47 seconds. Yep.

So if your looking for some long-ass Stairway To Heaven type shit, Cakefight might not be for you.

It’s garage rock with punk rock’s ethos, a sonic barrage that doesn’t cater for the listener’s comfort nor the health of their inner ear. God only knows what it’s like to catch this formidable duo live.

Driven by the DIY ethics of ’70s punk and garage, Cakefight have been kicking through the Melbourne live scene since their 2016 beginnings. Now with an EP and debut LP under their belts, the band are preparing to bring their volatile sound to audiences all across the country with a massive national tour.


Catch Cakefight playing these new tracks live at any of the following dates:

Friday 16 March – The Metro, Adelaide
Sunday 18 March – The Bearded Lady, Brisbane
Tuesday 20 March – Howl & Moan Records, Byron
Thursday 22 March – Hamilton Station, Newcastle
Friday 23 March – Record Crate, Sydney
Friday 6 April – Brisbane Hotel, Hobart
Saturday 7 April – Gunners Arms, Launceston
Friday 20 April – Woody’s Bar, Melbourne

More info over at their Facebook page.