Call the cops: Rick Dangerous is on a cocaine bender and nobody is stopping him

He’s not the first to admit to a criminal offence in a song, and he won’t be the last. Rick Dangerous, armed with his lascivious band The Silkie Bantams, has owned up to his unflinching love and dedication to a mate called Charlie in his new single Powdered Sugar.

As expected, the song is as high-energy as it gets, running high on Dangerous’ frenetic personality and some ripper, high-BPM rock n’ roll.

The video matches the track’s vitality; a simple, coke-fuelled parable detailing what I assume to be the band’s standard recording routine.

rick dangerous and the silkie bantams powdered sugar

Rick Dangerous and the Silkie Bantams wear their hearts on their dusty sleeves in Powdered Sugar, a love song that sure ain’t about a woman.

Much like the usual trajectory of a cocaine high, Powdered Sugar starts off with zealous vigour, while remaining somewhat cohesive. Dangerous employs metaphor after underhanded metaphor to describe his narcotic reliance, a favourite being “You’re feelin’ like a rat swimming in cheese“. 

Later though, after letting the track sift through his bloodstream a little longer, the subtlety is lost as Dangerous lets loose a primal scream of “I FUCKING LOVE COCAINE”.

The potential benefits of drugs to a musician’s writing process is well-documented. Not to mention the potential benefits of listening to music on drugs. Rick Dangerous and the Silkie Bantams well and truly celebrate this undying union on Powdered Sugar, evangelising the white horse as well as the psychotic rockers of the 60s did.

This chaotic hit sees Dangerous and his crew shout “Charlie” from the top of a mountain, before rolling down it’s snowy peaks one crusty Polo nose at a time. Not only do they manage to convey their own affection for the stuff, they manage to exactly capture the heart and soul of a cocaine trip with their own musicality.

There’s not an inhibition to be found in the blazing drum work, a screaming, cocky set of lines that are hard, loud and unapologetic. The guitar work is fat, juicy and doesn’t give a shit what you think.

Dangerous’ vocals stand above it all in primal glory, a feverish performance which, at the advice of a certain legal advisor, I’m required to tell you was recorded sober.

Call the cops; this is a hit that’s so addictive, so destructive and so potent it should be made illegal in first world countries.

Rick Dangerous and the Silkie Bantams are touring Powdered Sugar. Catch the run of dates below, and don’t forget to powder your nose before getting along. More info here.

Saturday 11 March – Hudson Ballroom, Sydney
Friday 17 March – Cherry Bar, Melbourne
Saturday 18 March – Crown and Anchor, Adelaide
Friday 24 March – Miami Shark Bar, Gold Coast
Saturday 25 March – Mojo Burning, Hamilton Hotel, Brisbane