Feral Hogs tear through $22,000 worth of cocaine in Italy

Between 30-50 feral hogs were the first “officers” on the scene in Tuscany’s Valdichiana Valley, where unconfirmed reports suggest it was the largest pork-based rave to ever exist.

A pack of feral hogs in Italy uncovered $22,000 worth of cocaine in what is shaping up to be one of Italy’s weirdest drug busts.

Normally notorious for their destruction of native flora and fauna and the occasional impersonation of a warthog, the Italian government may now have to rethink their strategy of eradication given the lay-up they just threw the Tuscan Police.

Stock Image by AP/AAP

Obviously, that’s hogwash (nailed it), but they certainly wouldn’t be the first animals found with cocaine in their system. 

Italian police officers discovered the fine work the hogs had done after tapping the phones of four suspected drug dealers who were discussing the destruction of their prized assets. In fact, the pigs’ fine work led to the subsequent arrest of two of the suspects, while the other two remain in house arrest. I guess you could say the pigs really are bringing home the bacon (crushing it).

What is not known, however, is how the feral hogs reacted to ingesting such substantial quantities of cocaine up their notoriously large noses. As none were found dead at the scene, one must assume they all disappeared to start a rave, talk for three hours about how 9/11 killed Ska, only to then wake up and start their new job in the Italian finance sector. One way or another, I’m sure the pigs didn’t spend the hours after the discovery sitting around being boared (help I can’t stop).

Here in NSW, we know all about the good times the pigs would’ve been having, but the investigation into the alleged drug dealers initially started with the murder of an Albanian woman last year. So as funny as this story is, these hogs may just have helped the Police catch a murderer.

Now there’s a surprise (I live like this now).