PREMIERE: North Arm whimsically capture the struggles of a sinking relationship in Let Love Through

Let Love Through is the moody second single from Sydney band North Arm’s upcoming sophomore LP. And it’s something else.

The combination of lead singer and songwriter Roderick Smith’s angelic voice with Dan Parsons’ high-hat heavy drum beat gives Let Love Through an incredibly distinct feeling of light-hearted whimsy and frantic desperation.

It’s a perfect emotional contrast and makes for three and half minutes of music which is as interesting to listen to as it is beautiful.

north arm let love through video premiere

Painfully relatable and intrinsically stunning, North Arm have gone above and beyond expectation in their new clip Let Love Through.

Many bands try to achieve this perfect mix of styles only to end up with a muddled mess which, more often than not, leaves the listener confused. Nailing this combination is a difficult thing and, to their credit, North Arm have managed to do this expertly.

The songwriting is stunning. Bright guitars chime over the top of a gorgeous string section and pounding bass line. There is so much going on, but somehow every instrument is given its chance to shine and the mix never feels too cluttered or busy.

Producer Robin Waters’ attention to detail backs up this densely layered track perfectly. Nothing feels lost and everything is clean, crisp and easily identifiable.

And the accompanying video clip for Let Love Through matches the desperate feel of the track perfectly. Directed by Geoffrey O’Connor, the clip revolves around a couple which can’t seem to sync up their feelings, and we watch as they take turns ignoring one another as they avoid a “serious talk”.

It’s a stunning video clip and one most of us can immediately relate to.

Let Love Through will be appearing on North Arm’s second album which is due out this year. And boy is it shaping up nicely. Watch this space.