Can’t get your head around Manifest’s eclectic lineup? Astronomy Class have done the research and put together a festival playlist for you

Last week Manifest Queensland announced it’s final round of artists. The festival, now in it’s fifth year, is going to be absolutely massive. The list of acts is a full page’s worth of small print, and that’s with no mention of the food or visual and performance art that will be there.

One must-see band on the ticket is Sydney hip-hop outfit Astronomy Class who are psyched to hit the festival in a month’s time. But their performance isn’t all they’re excited for. The band’s members have spent as much time deliberating on which other acts they want to catch while they’re in Queensland as they have rehearsing their own set.

astronomy class

Astronomy Class have done the hard yards and dissected the monster Manifest QLD lineup. After much back and forth, here are their top picks for the upcoming festival.

While you’re stuffing your face with some of the best food in Australia and checking out the awesome art on offer, you’ll have to find time to actually see some music at Manifest. As a matter of convenience, it always helps to get a few recommendations from someone who’s done the research.

Unfortunately we can’t demo the food you’ll grab at the festival, so until then eat up this festival playlist from Astronomy Class below.

For the full lineup as well as any non-musical info, head to Manifest QLD’s Facebook page here. There’s still a month before the festival, but tickets are down to their third and final release, so if you dig Astronomy Class’s picks, don’t hesitate.