Sam Cromack is a happiness expert, so he shared the 5 items that keep Ball Park Music in good spirits on tour

Ball Park Music are experts in touring, and experts in happiness. They’ve been at the game for years, bringing their good-times, singalong style of rock all over the world. Their lead singer and guitarist Sam Cromack alone is probably responsible for millions of smiles over his lifetime already.

On the back of their latest release, Every Night The Same Dream, the much-loved homegrown heroes are embarking on one of their biggest national tours yet. Several of the dates are already sold out, not a surprise given that the album could be their best yet. Touring, however, can push the emotions to the limits. It’s important not to let the stress of gigging get to you, and Ball Park Music know how.

Ball Park Music

Ball Park Music know a thing or two about letting the good times roll. We caught up with frontman Sam Cromack to hear just which items keep the band in a good mood on the road.

I’m a really low-fuss traveler. I don’t bring much. I’m fairly unhygienic and I’m also really forgetful so I’m probably the worst person to write this piece, but here it goes…


I feel like this is the only really essential thing to bring these days. Good for charging phones.


I believe the universe has a special relationship with handkerchiefs. If you bring one, you won’t have any runny nose issues, but if you forget it, the dark lords of hay-fever will reign down on you without mercy. Plus, most people hate them so they’re a fantastic talking point.

Picture of Wife

Great for staring at when you’re lonely and wasted in a hotel room.

In-Ear Headphones/Monitors

I used to travel with a good pair of cans, but they’re a pain in the arse. They’re too big and they don’t block out enough sound, and that’s the clincher. At first you think headphones are about enjoying the fidelity of a nice recording, but I now realise their primary function is blocking out the wretched sound of snoring beasts you have to share a room with.

Quick-Dry Underpants

Wear them, wash them in the sink, wear them again [thumbs up emoji].

You can catch Ball Park Music’s tour dates here. Head to their shows, and you can be the judge of just how well they’ve been keeping it together.