Caramel releases Feel This Way, a single that oozes ambiance and yearning

Self proclaimed dream pop-electronic-psychedelic-ambient-nu gaze artist Caramel sets an undeniable scene with his lustrous new single

A song inspired by being unable to speak those three little words, ‘Feel This Way’ has not only sparked a reunion of a live band, but set a distinct tone for the project moving forward.

Coming out of Brisbane, Caramel hit the accelerator with this buoyant new track.

Caramel, the moniker for Joel De Vita, presents ‘Feel This Way’ as an ode to teenage-hood, and the onslaught of feelings that merely being alive and young bestow on us.

Intentionally setting the scene of a plastic red cup teenage gathering, Caramel expertly draws on nostalgia without becoming a slave to the past.

With an 80s inspired vocal melody, synth patches and consistent disco beat, ‘Feel This Way’ is full of thickness and sparkles.

There’s an epic quality to ‘Feel This Way’, though its handled with restraint and effective repetition.

caramel new single

Production wise, ‘Feel This Way’ shimmers with a professional overtone needed for such a pop flavoured track, leaving room for each layer to be explored and peeled away.

Remembering all the first times that have come and gone, ‘Feel This Way’ aims to resurrect those memories and emotions.

Caramel’s vocal tone is a mix between Kevin Parker and Morrisey, gentle in its power and delicately smooth in its command.

Chugging bass in the instrumental bridge that explodes into a glittery synth space become hypnotic, only Caramel’s voice asking again “won’t you ask me if I feel this way,” there to bring us back to the present.

Spacey, divergent and full of aesthetic moments, ‘Feel This Way’ is an expert in its field.

Feeling like a combination of Djo and Tame Impala’s ‘Feels Like We Only Go Backwards’, Caramel is tapping into something that thousands, if not millions, gravitate towards.

His sound is infectious and calming, and ‘Feel This Way’ is an exciting look at the beginnings of a project with a clear path ahead.

Listen to ‘Feel This Way’ below.