Melbourne punk duo Le Bongé are ready to release their first EP

Friends and bandmates since the early 2000s, Le Bongé present their DIY collection of punk tracks with their debut EP

This four-track debut EP is the culmination of long-time friends and the isolation of the pandemic, a story we hear time and time again, and the art that never seems to stop flowing out of what seemed to be a wholly destructive time for humanity.

Le Bongé did what many artists did, and took the forced break from life as inspiration to embark on a project that had always been on the tip of their tongues. Finally bringing their vision to life, Le Bongé offer their brand of Australiana punk.

Le Bongé

Yes Man introduces harsh vocals and a thick accent, with explosive chorus vocals and memorable hooks.

The track is layered and dense, full of interplay and discovery.

Commanding in their presence and precise in their songwriting, Le Bongé already seem to be much more than your average garage punk band.

There’s a finesse and a constant tension that holds the instrumentation together, the vocals powerful enough to sit atop such a strong foundation.

Hey Genius follows suit, but excitingly ups the energy and frenetic pace. Reminiscent of Turnstile, Hey Genius feels like a classic punk cut from the 2000s.

Sharp guitar solos, raw vocals and relentless drums make for a highlight of a track.

Dead opens with a pop-punk flare, a tight drum fill that leads into a Brit-Punk like verse.

Burnout, the final track, channels spoken-word punk contemporaries Yard Act, though with more intensity and outright emotion.

Political and socio-economical commentary plant Le Bongé firmly in the punk genre.

With a whole lot to listen to and even more to digest, this debut EP is a massive wall of sound. Burnout is another highlight, full of severity and relentless anger.

Le Bongé may be from the punk world, but their music crosses boundaries and lands in a place between fucking around and irrefutable sincerity.

Their musical aptitude and talent is clear in every note, and their passion is gasoline to a fire.