Melbourne-based Pop-Punkers Danger Den release explosive new single

Danger Den propel themselves to new heights with their relentless new single Merch Guy Mike’s Favourite Song

Emerging from the Northern Territory, Danger Den lay their roots in their local scene before taking a leap beyond. After gaining recognition, the group relocated and continue to thrive in their city-based home.

No strangers to their craft, Danger Den have already produced a debut full length record and shared the stage with the likes of big Australian names Eskimo Joe and Timmy Trumpet.

danger den

Now the band aim to turn things up even more with Merch Guy Mike’s Favourite Song, a track sure to become more than just Merch Guy Mike’s obsession.

The new track is ruthless from the outset, full of uncontainable pop-punk energy and fire. A thick wall of sound topped with a serrated vocal tease listeners with competitive lyrics with a hint of unattached playfulness.

Merch Guy Mike’s Favourite Song is rife with memorable moments, particularly the bridge full of instrumental solos and high-octane, high-speed riffs and grooves.

The track clocks in at over four minutes long, but the band make sure every moment is used up until it’s overflowing.

Merch Guy Mike’s Favourite Song is full of vocal hooks, a call and response chorus and curated moments of spotlight for each member.

This new single must be dangerous live, its energy infectious and penetrating. Impossible to ignore, though never grating, Danger Den make the pop-punk genre work for them.

Evocative of the hardest hitting pop-punk of the early 2000s, (Taking Back Sunday, Say Anything, Green Day) Danger Den mince nostalgia with modernity, which is particularly apt with the resurgence of the genre.

There’s an element of fun that weaves throughout Merch Guy Mikes Favourite Song, from its title to its melodies to its intense tempo and structure.

Hearing the band enjoy themselves so much is a huge part of its charm, and it doesn’t hurt that Danger Den individual seem like experts in their respective instruments.

Starting their year off with such a strong release only signals good things for the band. Merch Guy Mike has great taste.