From Copenhagen to the Bay Area, Danika Maia comes back stronger with Diamonds

Inspired by her transformative years at the behest of the pandemic, Danika Maia isn’t wasting any more time when it comes to her music

Danika Maia emerges from a colourful background of culture and experience, from living in Europe to different parts of the US, with a family history reaching Australia.

After moving to LA, Maia became inspired by the world of entertainment, thrusting herself into it as an actor and musician.

Danika Maia

But during the pandemic, she found herself trapped in Copenhagen during what was meant to be a visit, and spent three years resisting and persisting in her circumstances.

Her music became a pathway to healing, and now she finds herself promoting her art in a move she never thought possible.

Diamonds aims to inspire, taking the worst and turning it into something beautiful. A blend of modern pop, R&B and trap, Diamonds is a manifesto.

There’s a sinister quality to the production, Maia’s smooth vocal leading listeners into darkness before finally switching on a light. “I’ll come back with diamonds in my eyes,” Danika promises, both feeling like a threat and a gentle assurance to herself.

Working with Copenhagen based producer Caspiani, Danika honed her sound with the help of his collaboration, feeling inspired and comfortable to explore this new part of her creative self.

The track itself is short and memorable, Maia’s vocal sounding seasoned yet trepidatious while the production leaves room for her tone to be the ultimate setting of the vibe.

There’s an intensity and a drama to Diamonds, sometimes subtle and sometimes unavoidable. Perhaps this is due to Danika’s array of conflicting emotions she was holding onto while writing and recording the track.

This furtive step into the LA music scene is one that will resonate with many.

A mixture of courage, resilience, defeat and loss all intermingle to offer a look at Maia’s universal experience of taking something painful and moulding it into something greater, something with purpose.

Though she remains shy about her foray into unfamiliar territory, Danika makes an important first step with Diamonds.