Chai Chang peeks behind the curtain of new video for ‘New Reality’

With such a technicoloured debut in the form of debut single New Reality, expectations were ahead of the accompanying music video. 

Thankfully, and perhaps unsurprisingly given Chai Chang’s flair for pristine pop stylings and confectionary hooks, the musician more than delivers with New Reality’s official video, which arrives like a sugar rush of pulsating choreography and dazzling sets. 

“I admired singers who could both sing and dance in music videos and on stages,” Chang said of the importance of visuals in an interview with Happy Mag.

Chai Chang interview

Below, we caught up with the pop star and his directors, Gullotti and Montero, to gain first-hand insight into the music video’s genesis, from the use of CGI to the creation of a New Reality. 

Catch the artists’ insights below, and scroll down to watch the official music video for New Reality. 

Accompanying the release of Chai Chang’s debut single New Reality is a new music video which captures a mixture of wavy dance moves, CGI/3D scenes, and the scenery of Melbourne’s Central Business District.

A total of 24 hours were spent on shooting it for three days in a row. “I’ve been working closely with my production house from initial concept development to post production,” Chang says.

“It’s been my dream to become a solo dance singer and therefore having my own music video that captures dance choreographed scenes would be one of the key highlights.” 

Speaking of their own on-set experience, directors Gullotti and Montero said: “When we first heard the song and its unique structure and energy, we knew we had to create the video concept in a way to make it stand out clearly from other dance and EDM music videos.”

Chai Chang interview

“We did this by incorporating multiple CGI/3D generated scenes, which placed Chai in a ‘Reality’ that wouldn’t quite be possible to pull off in real life.”

“We also incorporated a half-cube set build to further push complementary and unique scenes that structured well up against the 3D environments.”