Join Young Henrys & The Courty for Newtown Street Party, the street party to end all street parties

Defining the Newtown mood to a T,  Salarymen, & Manfredo Lament join Young Henrys and The Courty for a day of music, booze, and food on Eliza street

A collision of sound, food and booze, and classic inner west suburbia is about to unfold as Young Henrys and The Courty gear up for the second annual Newtown Street Party on Eliza Street, scheduled for Saturday, December 2.

From 1 pm to 8 pm, the sweet lil one way street that is Eliza Street will be pumping with an all-star lineup set to shake Newtowners to their core (out of towners welcome).

salarymen newtown

Pub music champions Sweet Talk, and the idyllic indie-rockers, Salarymen, will take center stage. RISSA will cast her R&B and gospel spell, while Lady Lyon will serve up her nostalgia-driven cowgirl blues. Manfredo Lament and Evening Records DJs will ensure a soundtrack that keeps the party alive.

Mary’s, a Newtown culinary institution, will be serving up their iconic burgers, ensuring no hungry reveler misses a beat. Young Henrys and The Courty, the dynamic duo behind the event, will be manning multiple pop-up bars, guaranteeing a constant flow of drinks to keep the party alive.


Celebrating Newtowner’s 12th birthday, Oscar Mcmahon, Young Henrys Co-Founder, shares: “Newtown is a weird, wonderful and welcoming place and this free event invites all to come on down to shake a leg, high five your friends and make a few more to the sounds, sights and smells of what this great suburb has to offer. Party on people, party on!”

Salarymen runaway music video

Spotlight on Salarymen: Sydney’s Indie Darlings

Among the stars of the lineup is Salarymen, the Sydney indie duo crafting vintage-textured indie-rock that wraps around dark, uncomfortable experiences like a sonic embrace.

With solid EPs under their belts, Salarymen have firmly established themselves as one of Sydney’s premier indie-rock acts, blending nostalgia-laced melody with subtly subversive pop writing.

Their latest offering, ‘Second Sight,’ serves as a commentary on social climbers and manipulators, presented with a fun twist in a video capturing their recent Japan tour’s highlights.

As the sun sets on Newtown Street Party, the echoes of live music, the clinking of tinnies, and the taste of Mary’s burgers will linger, leaving behind memories of a day where the Inner West truly came alive.

Entry is via donation, with all proceeds going to the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre, making this celebration not just a party but a contribution to the community that has embraced Young Henrys and The Courty for over a decade.

So, mark your calendars and prepare for Newtown street Party, the street party to end all street parties.