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PREMIERE: Charlie Wilde deliver sincere human insight on Low Frequency

Let Charlie Wilde pull you into an ethereal world with their debut single Low Fidelity. An ode to reflection that simmers rather than snaps, the track is being launched this Sunday at The Bird. The first official single from the Perth based act comes after an exciting first half of 2019.

The main lyrical theme of Low Fidelity centers around a loss of empathy—something that goes hand in hand with our age of technological domination, where people grow and develop relationships with one another through phone screens.

Delve into the multiple interpretations of Low Fidelity, the debut single from Western Australian act Charlie Wilde.

As vocalist Aidan Ziccone softly deliberates “All I ever wanted was the numbness to end” over softly verbed out guitars, it gives the listener time for personal reflection. In the modern age, the notion of a lack of outwardly projected feeling is entirely relatable.

Being unable to empathise with those around you is not an uncommon feeling, and it feels refreshing to have it laid out in a way that seems to value reflection rather than blind acceptance that lends itself more to ignorance than growth.

Sonically, the song is led by melancholic, finger plucked guitars alongside the wistful vocal performance of Aidan Ziccone. The full sonic weight of the piece isn’t felt until late in the tracks run-time. This lets the emotive vocal performance play with its listener before delivering the gut punch refrain. “I am a demon, leave me.”

The release of Low Fidelity comes at a budding time for the Perth based act. The latest single builds on the sonic building blocks laid down before it on live demos Philophobia and Allihies.

Whether it be self-depreciation or self-awareness, Low Fidelity gives its listener a space to reflect and learn. Drawing influence sonically from Bon Iver through to Keaton Henson, Charlie Wilde gives us a sincere and human recollection of human relationships.


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July 25, 2019