Dark At The Den unveil insane lineup of Perth’s best undiscovered bands

Perth currently houses one of Australia’s most impressive and diverse music scenes. There’s a seemingly endless amount of great bands coming from that pocket of the country, and yet a lot of Perth bands still go undiscovered.

That’s where Dark At The Den Festival come in.

Introducing Dark At The Den Festival; a new festival dedicated to showcasing Perth’s brilliant, undiscovered bands. You’d be wise to head along.

Dark At The Den are a new festival dedicated to showcasing the city’s incredible, undiscovered bands. Playing at this year’s instalment of the event will be such acts as Black Stone From The Sun, The Limbs, True Neutral and a whole stack of others.

Jam-packed with some of Perth’s most chaotic, heavy-hitting bands, Dark At The Den is not a festival you want to miss. Be prepared to have your face melted by these incredible bands and their blistering sounds.

Tickets for the event are only $15, and you can nab yourself one now through the festival’s Facebook event page.

Dark At The Den will be taking place on September 15th at The Civic Hotel, Perth. Grab more info here. We’ll be seeing you there.

Suss out the full lineup below:

Black Stone From The Sun
The Limbs
True Neutral
Command A Panda
Flyball Gov’nor
Waste Not
Them Jackdaws
Battle Of The Planets

More info here.