We asked each member of Honey Hayze to assess their bandmates’ pre-show routines

For the past number of weeks, South Coast-based band Honey Hayze have been touring their latest single Afternoon around the country. So, of course, each member of the band have become well acquainted with their bandmates’ pre and post-gig habits.

Before they wrap up the tour this weekend at the Beach Road Hotel in Bondi, we’ve compiled an assessment of each band members’ routines and habits… written by other band members.

Before they wrap up their Afternoon single tour this weekend, we’ve compiled an assessment of each member of Honey Hayze’s pre and post-gig routines.

Earl Weir – Lead Vocals:

Generally found days after a show on the other side of the city with some new fans, getting lost in London for days only to randomly rock up at soundcheck just on time, or kicking on at some random house the night before a show, or having everyone back at his house after shows resulting in two-day cleanups or evictions.

Falling off stage and kicking out Rory’s leads are also some of Earls quality traits. Luckily he’s in a moon boot this tour…

Angus Hart – Drums:

Gus likes destroying things, whether it’s his own drums, or every tent at Oktoberfest… and is generally found following a smoky Hayze before and after show somewhere.

Rory Wheatley – Lead Guitar:

The placid one of the group, hailing from a quiet corner of the south of England, Rory keeps credibility for the band, and is most responsible for driving to and from shows keeping us on the road….

Luke Martin – Bass:

Leaving his guitar in Barcelona after a tour, finally having it returned after months, only to leave it at the first show in Newcastle. Also, leaving it in the hotel room on the way to a show on the Central Coast.

…and his “Gypsy Rag” a cloth…socks….shirts…. I think jocks in one jam… that he scrunches up in his strings to play, is this normal behaviour?

Lachlan Pearse – Saxophone:

Fresh to the group, we are yet to see Lachie’s finer exploits, although so far pre-gig inclusions for long trips include a camelpack full of gin, and people asking who the tall chick with long blonde hair passed out on the couch are. He then proceeds to send the crowd into a frenzy with them howling brass notes.

Jonathan – Keyboard:

Arguably the most talented of the group, also fresh to the Hayze, we look to expose some of his creative talents including tap dancing performances, balancing chairs on his head dressed as a clown. Fun Fact: Jono is heading off this summer, to work as a full-time professional ELF at the north pole (this is actually no joke, look it up).

Afternoon is available now. Watch the video above.
Catch Honey Hayze live on July 27th at The Beach Road Hotel, Bondi. More info here.