PREMIERE: Baxter Avalon unveils her quirky debut music video

PREMIERE: Baxter Avalon unveils her quirky debut music video

Baxter Avalon is the musical alter-ego of emerging Melbourne singer-songwriter and producer Lilith Lane, who brings us her debut single Luna Park.

It’s a shimmering synth-pop snapshot into her upcoming album, Rocketship Taxi, to be released later this year.

Baxter Avalon

Luna Park is the amusing debut release from Melbourne-based songwriter and producer Baxter Avalon, filled with fun punching synths and popping percussion.

A metaphor for gossip, Luna Park draws on the imagery of that iconic beaming face that looms above the entrance to the Sydney and Melbourne attraction park.

 “Your mouth is bigger than Luna Park, I wish you’d find something better to do” is a tongue in cheek line she creates as a way of poking fun at those who can’t seem to mind their own business.

Her quirky soundscape creates the same pointed effect. The instrumental layers are basic but bright; a poppy synth grab, a groovy baseline and some woozy effects. She lays down a bouncy beat that makes you feel like clapping along to her unconventional vocals. It’s a bit of a whacky track, but with its catchy simplicity and fun-filled sounds it’s certainly an intriguing debut work.

Along with her single, she has created a bold video clip – bold not just in the coloured block backgrounds but style too. Flashing windows, sometimes mirrored sometimes upside down, open spaces in the solid space to frame Baxter Avalon bopping out to her off-the-wall track.

In almost every rectangle window she’s hiding behind huge sunnies, telling us to mind our own business until she’s ready to dip the glasses and give us a sneak peek of herself behind. It’s somehow a playful yet stark clip, with bright colours and sharp movements her red lip-sticked mouth colours her words.

Check out what she’s produced in the link above, and stay tuned for whatever peculiarity she’s rolling out next.