INVESTIGATOR’s self-titled debut is the pop-rock romp you need to hear

INVESTIGATOR’s self-titled debut envelopes love, loss, and societal stabs in bright pop rock. It’s a jubilant romp met with dark brooding. All that, with some damn catchy riffs.

The new EP melds classic rock with unique vocals to create a sound that pays homage to rockers like Thirsty Merc and Coldplay, while remaining distinctly individual. It’s got it all: soaring choruses, swathes of chunky palm mute, and really eager lyricism.

INVESTIGATORS’ self-titled debut EP is an upbeat pop-rock romp, showcasing a signature style developed over years of playing live.

The album stands as the triumphant amalgamation of years of work. Adrian Drew, the man behind INVESTIGATOR, began the project after leaving a career in commercial radio to pursue music. It’s safe to say the move paid off. Since then, he’s done live shows at private functions, bars and wineries – all the while refining his craft and honing in on what INVESTIGATOR is today.

The EP is a five-song teaser of what’s to come, with a full INVESTIGATOR album expected to drop midway through this year. If it’s anything like the EP, we’ve got a lot of cool rocky riffs and smooth-as-butter vocals to look forward to.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the INVESTIGATOR EP above.