Check out these haunting photos of an empty Shanghai after coronavirus

Coronavirus has had a grip on the globe since New Year’s Eve when it was first reported in Wuhan in China’s Hubei Provence. The virus has had a far-reaching effect, infecting thousands of people and causing two thousand deaths.

Yet another outcome of Coronavirus is the rendering of Shanghai almost completely empty. After the dust had finally settled on the disease, Nicole Chan, an American ex-pat photographer living in Shanghai, used her skill to capture the dystopic yet beautiful streets of the city abandoned.

Shanghai looks like the new Forbidden City in these powerful photos, where a city of 24 million people seems like ghost town following coronavirus.

Shanghai is China’s largest city, with its population currently recorded at 24.24 million people – almost the exact same population as the entirety of Australia. Now the city is a ghost town. Check out these incredible photos from Nicole Chan below.

Highways that once had thousands of cars piled up, empty for hundreds of metres.

A breathtaking and uninterrupted portrayal of the city sky, and a clear view of the Oriental Pearl Tower.

Nicole Chan, who braved the streets of Shanghai which technically aren’t under quarantine laws, has assembled a collection of more of these profoundly beautiful works called 一个人城市 One Person City. To see all 29 photos head to collater.