Chet Faker x Goldlink – On You

So everyone keeps singing the praises of Chet Faker (aka. Nick Murphey) and aren’t we all just about sick of hearing it? Nope, babow, incorrect, you have been voted off the island, go back under that rock you crawled out from.

Ok, maybe that was a little harsh, but if you fail to be hypnotized by the mumbled croonings of this young Melbournian then maybe you did grow up under a rock…just sayin’*.

chet faker

New stuff from they hypest of the hyped artists in Australia right now Chet Faker plus US producer Goldlink.

With two AIR awards, one Rolling Stone Australia Award, two hit collaborations with Australian electronic star Flume and a tour lined up to take him all over the UK, Europe, the US and Australia, it would seem like this 26 year old can’t hit a wrong note. With success on this scale I would be highly surprised if this guy isn’t smeared all over your radar.

As part of the Adidas Originals and Yours Truly Songs From Scratch Series, Faker has provided fans with a tiny peak into his composing and writing process. Faker and US rapper GoldLink were paired together to collaborate on a song from scratch (obviously). Faker explains, “I haven’t collaborated a lot for starters, so vocally I had to let go… it’s nice to come into the room and say I’m not doing everything today, I’m just doing some things.”

Their song, On You, is “a song about a girl” created as a result of their “bonding over that common experience”. That experience, Faker explains, is his meeting a “disgustingly attractive” girl in Vancouver. GoldLink explains, “We’re just writing about how no matter how much you have, you just want to spend it on that one girl” Faker jokes, “we all suffer”.

The song is stamped with Fakers signature smooth purring, and heavy soul and RnB flavours. GoldLink adds a complimentary dimension of sensual rapping; his voice slides over the lyrics creating a track that is both sexy in sentiment and melody. Despite both being infrequent collaborators their voices meld and exude a similar sensuality that is not overpowering for the audience but engrossing.

The short film of their recording session in Werewolf Heart Studios allows a brief insight into the creative process and partnership between these two artists. The full track is available for free streaming on Faker’s SoundCloud or you can see him live and in his full bearded glory at this year’s Listen Out Festival. No matter how you hear it, crank it up, sing and grunt and slur along as Faker chants his enticing opening line, a I would spend a hundred million dollars alone, just tell me when to spend it on you girl.

Now Chet, you can spend it on me now.

*Ed. These Chet non-believers are more into rock music I guess. I’ll see myself out.



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