Clique Petit befriends ‘Heaps of Ghosts’ in latest track

Producer and songwriter, clique petit, poetically rambles in an illuminatingly stunning track, Heaps of Ghosts. 

Clique petit – the artist that looks at darkness and befriends it. In an electrically raw and nerve-tingling single, petit illuminates the shadows and skeletons we hide in the cupboard.

The track, Heaps of Ghosts, ironically seeps with the golden elixir of life – shining a light on the thorniest corners of human nature.

Clique Petit

Kiwi born and Sydney-based creator, Dil Harré, describes the tune as; “one of those songs written and recorded in a single breath” – and there is not a doubt in my mind that this is true.

The lyrics send a shiver down the spine as they echo; “its a chemical, tangled up, strange, silver thread/that runs right from my back and into the past, I love all these knots/they keep me in check” – does music get better than that?


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The intent of Heaps of Ghosts is downright hard-hitting, slipping you into a wonderland of dreamy electric guitar riffs; “check out the skeletons in your closet, befriend them even, find your favourite one, and let them possess you – because they are probably fucking cool”, Harré explains.

As the riff carries through like a throbbing heartbeat in the track, you become consumed by what the self-producer, mixer and magician is painting in the clouds – that your shadows and ghosts are a thing of beauty in all its scribbled mess.

Heaps of Ghosts is a credit to Clique petit’s universally magnetic music style – he is a heat-seeking missile of warmth in a swirly blend of genres. In lockdown fashion, Harré will be celebrating the track’s release via a live stream on October 8 alongside friend and fellow artist, Orion Jennings, ahead of their debut EP release.

For now, stream Heaps of Ghosts below: