Cloud Nothings

Picture a Cleveland college kid, coming home to his parent’s basement on the weekends, firing up his amps, guitars and a bootleg edition of GarageBand, strumming his heart out to a few sentences he strung together, and uploading these songs onto his HTML manipulated MySpace account. From humble beginnings, thus was the making of Cloud Nothings.

Not only is Cleveland home to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, but it can now be known as the city from which Cloud Nothing was pushed into this world. These dudes formed the band in 2009 and have been busy with the recent release of their fourth full-length album, Here and Nowhere Else, which spans 8 tracks of thick, crunchy guitars, punk beats and rock melodies.

cloud nothingsAhh Cleveland, Ohio. Home to the RocknRoll Hall of Fame, and now to four-piece ballers Cloud Nothings. Their sound is catchier than small pox.

Lead man and writer Dylan Baldi will not disappoint all you angsty kids out there with his powerful, coarse melodic vocals. Now Here In has your solid punk beats, drops, breakdowns and (as always) the staple distorted guitars. Though if you head over to tracks like Psychic Trauma, Cloud Nothing begin to explore more hardcore vocals and soaring metal melodic guitar changes.

These guys have coming a long way from their first album, Turning On. From more low-fi, garage sounds, which was enough to score them backing from Bridgetown Records, they’ve now have made their way to the more grungy, hard edged, darker side of the spectrum. For a bonus secret track on Here and Nowhere Else (if you’re listening to them on a CD… all 5 of you), hit track number 7, and listen past the 4 mins 30 mark!

It will be great to see where these boys take their sound and to watch them continually evolve. Cloud Nothings are a solid band to add to your popp-y-rock repertoire, it a decidedly non-cheesy way. For those of you who listen to the radio, you’ll probs have already heard their extremely catchy track I’m Not Part Of Me. For those of you who don’t, hit play below.