From big nights to lazy Sundays, Sydney’s CLYPSO has you covered

Do you love Santigold? Or like to jam out to some Ladyhawke? Well chuck those headphones on and get yourself a taste of Sydney’s new up-and-comer CLYPSO.

An awesome blend of afro-beat punk, shimmery synths, warm bass and smooth vocals, this is one combination that makes for a very big vibe. Hailing from Marrickville, CLYPSO is by far one of the most interesting voices to come to the electronic stage in a while. So it’s no wonder why she’s on everyone’s radar.

clypso happy mag interview

Releasing her latest single Save Me in November 2017, Sydney glitch mistress CLYPSO has managed to turn heads everywhere.

Keep an eye out on the festivals lists, she just might be coming to a venue near you. Playing shows like LISTEN OUT and the Princess Nokia Party, we’re bound to see CLYPSO showcasing her music more.

Amid her recent success, CLYPSO shared the reasons behind her choice to start her journey into the music industry.

“I was always making songs and playing instruments but whenever I saw people playing live I’d get a buzz like I wanted to do the same thing they were doing. I guess that’s the inspo.”

She then went on to mention the messages she hopes to pass on to her fans through her music.

“Each song is a different experience and message and for me I know I often don’t remember what I hear, but I usually remember how I feel. I’d be stoked if my music was pure escapism for the listener. That would actually be the biggest compliment.”

With the world as her oyster, CLYPSO is moving through the charts, but what are her goals for the future? “Hopefully to more music making! Also regional and national festivals.”

We hope she makes more music too, and we hope to see her on the main stage soon where we can bop around the her catchy tunes like Yolo or Big Small. But just like any artist before a gig, even CLYPSO deals with the pre-game jitters. She recently shared with us her secrets to calming her nerves before a big show:

“A glass of vino and I bounce around to whatever the venue’s playing. If they’re playing something that’s way too chilled I plug into my pre-show playlist!”

A bit of wine and some banging tunes? Also sounds like the best mix for listening to CLYPSO.

So the next time you’re having a few with some friends before a big night or even if your just lazing around the pool on a Sunday, CLYPSO is the jam to jam out to.