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CMJ 2015 through the looking glass of Owen Rabbit

Owen Rabbit tour diary

It’s been a busy couple of months for Owen Rabbit. Capitalising on his swelling popularity Mister Rabbit emerged from his hidey hole with his lush new track Holy Holy, a heavy exploration of his own mental health and an indicator of how he has matured as a songwriter. He’s supported the singles with plenty of tours, and is now ready to release his latest single Denny’s tomorrow. To tide you over till then, Owen Rabbit kindly documented his time in New York for the CMJ Music Marathon, so have a geez at his pretty pics to get a taste of the showcase trough his eyes.

Owen Rabbit CMJ

Ready to unleash his follow up to Holy Holy, Owen Rabbit shares his experiences at this years massive CMJ Music Marathon in New York.

Parkside Lounge – Manhattan

The first show off the rank. The Parkside Lounge is a small Jazz bar on E Houston St in the Lower East Side. Cheap beers and straight up old bar flies.

Owen RAbbit CMJ

Piano’s Upstairs – Manhattan

This place seems to be a rite of passage for anybody coming to play in New York. It is an awesome venue. I showcased for the radio PR company Planetary and the place was packed out at 1 in the afternoon. Lovely folks.

Owen RAbbit CMJ

The Bowery Electric – Manhattan

By far the best sounding room I played. The beauty of showcase festivals like CMJ and SXSW is how every dive bar and cafe turns into a music venue. You can see acts that might normally play to 1000 people running through a high school auditorium PA system in the corner of a cake shop. The Bowery Electric had a great sound system and was a treat.

Owen Rabbit CMJ

The Delancey – Manhattan

The Delancey hosted the Aussie BBQ which is absolutely bananas in pyjamas. 37 Australian acts back to back over 2 stages. Some HUGE acts played here – SAFIA, Northeast Party House, British India. I also played here. It was awesome. People got a bit rowdy. I met Wayne Swan (legend.) There was an actual barbecue. I made lots of super lovely friends!!!! Australians are actually pretty cool.

Owen Rabbit CMJ

Katz Delicatessen – Manhattan

This place is awesome! I had a rueben on rye bread and it was the most meat I’ve ever eaten.

Owen Rabbit CMJ

Cyber PR Headquarters – Brooklyn

This show was great. It was in the office / house of some lovely hosts who made heaps of apple pies. I played a really quiet intimate show in their lounge room / office. I was a little scared about how my songs would translate to an intimate setting but it was really sweet.

Owen Rabbit CMJ

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November 10, 2015