Condom sales have increased dramatically during quarantine

With the entire world pretty much stuck at home, it appears that toilet paper and pasta sales aren’t the only things skyrocketing. We get it, there’s only so much Netflix you can actually watch.

Amongst the many products currently being sold out across stores worldwide, condom brands have also reported a dramatic spike in sales.


US condom brand Promescent has seen a 54 percent sales increase since March 5th, and honestly, no-one’s surprised.

“In times of uncertainty and isolation, it’s natural to seek physical and emotional intimacy,” Promescent CEO Jeff Abraham told press. He noted that the company are also selling out of their Arousal Gel, which has seen a 78% sales increase since March 5, their Climax Delay Spray (up 42%) and their lube (up 35%).

Promescent are even giving away 250,000 free condoms to customers to promote safe sex during COVID-19.

The effects of quarantine are being felt worldwide, with pharmacies in India and China reporting unprecedented rises in recent sales. Sex toy brand Womanizer has seen a 50% rise in sales since the beginning of the year, while sales in Italy have been 60% higher than predicted since going into lockdown at the beginning of March.

Pornhub have also done the world a solid, offering free Premium to customers stuck in isolation after seeing an all-time high in online traffic.

UK officials have issued advice about whether it’s safe for the world to rubber up. “If you or your partner are self-isolating because one of you have symptoms (cough or fever) then providing you live together you do not necessarily need to give up sex for the seven-day period recommended for individual cases to self-isolate,” Professor Paul Hunter told press.

“However, if your partner is in one of the vulnerable groups because of age, pre-existing disease, or she is pregnant, then you need to stay away from them as much as possible, and this would mean avoid sex for the first seven days.”