Congratulations to Mannequin Death Squad for surviving the worst interview of all time

It was just last month that Mannequin Death Squad released Honey Punch, a scuzzy punk cut that dropped right out of the school yard and straight into our thrashiest playlist.

This band had attitude, if you couldn’t tell from the blood drinking and the swimming in honey. It almost makes you want to interview them… but we’re glad Valentina did before us.

mannequin Death Squad interview

Pour one out for Mannequin Death Squad, who just sat through almost every classic music interview mishap possible over seven minutes.

It’s like watching a train crash in ultra slow motion. The interviewer who thinks they’re more famous than the band, the “how much money do you make” question, getting Mannequin Death Squad’s name wrong… yikes.

For all the young music journos out there, you may want to take a few notes; this is basically a checklist of every no-no in the book. For those who enjoy a little schadenfreude, check out the interview below.

Mannequin Death Squad play The Tote on Friday November 16th at alongside Señor No, River Of Snakes, Baby8, and Justici. Don’t miss it – check out the details here.