Things are about to get funky at the Tote this May with Mild Manic set to explode in a month of mouth watering funk jams

The Tote in Melbourne must be pretty stoked with the sick deal they’ve landed having Melbourne funky rockers Mild Manic there all month to attract the honeys… but not as stoked as everyone else who gets to come and experience their drool worthy vibes for the length of May.


Mild Manic are set to be the hottest winter warmer this season bringing a succulent P-Funk soup to a frenzied boogie fest at the Tote this May

Imagine just knowing that a reliable groove shack is there every Wednesday at the Tote is enough to make your heart flutter… but, alas, here I am in Sydney missing the action. The perfect union of punk angst with the drooling confidence of the funk is not only a recipe for great music, but for a boogie like no other.With brothers Sam and Chris Rees on guitar, bassist Dave Boyes and Jye Flynn on drums, the P-Funk comes warm and smooth. The group hails from the Far South Coast of NSW, and now call Melbourne home.

Mild Manic are quickly becoming a solid force in the Melbourne scene and their recent partnership with Dizzy Heights is a testament to their already powerful presence and the talent that these guys exude. The first self-titled EP featured five delicious tracks all delivering on the promise of chill but with purpose and direction. The EP was soon followed up by the single Mary Does Jane, which again, did not disappoint. Having just wrapped up supporting garage rock legends Magic Bones in January, the boys seem keen to get the ball rolling on their second EP. The upcoming residency will undoubtedly win them some fans and the queue will be buzzing for that juicy number to drop come the end of 2016.

Mild Manic builds this luscious summer energy that is totally welcome, as we’ll all start freezing our tits off come May. An homage to that California surf punk that most sane (or insane) people know and love, the tunes are a silky mixture of Australian hard rock tones with the funky twang of the Golden State. They are Australia’s answer to Japanese Motors and boy, am I bummed that I am not there in Melbourne to shimmy around in my puffer jacket and mittens.

Mild Manic kick off on the 4th of May and will then be delivering again in the following weeks. The 18th seeing them supporting The Cherry Dolls and over the course of the rest of the month joined by local bangers Plebs, Jurassic Nark, Kill Dirty Youth and Dear Thieves. Oath, this is set to be a sick month for all involved. So if you’re in the that cold and grey city in May be sure to take your Tinder date to The Tote on Wednesday night, if they don’t love it you know you’re onto a dud.