Cool Runnings

Cool Runnings are an Auckland band with a seeming obsession for just two things: punk and weed. Anyone who’s ever written about them can’t help but come to this conclusion because it’s kind of all they talk about. Plus there are giant joints superimposed on their press shots.

cool runnings

Writing songs about the bullshit between the places you love comes easily to Auckland band Cool Runnings. Let their buzz fest fill your heart and lungs!

Their video for Cool Death, which was released in November of last year and was featured on a Pitchfork mashup, sums up their message of live hard and die or go away. There’s enough booze and weed collectively consumed in the video to take down a herd of Nepalese Yaks.

Maybe it’s because they’re so damn photogenic or maybe it’s because I know one of the band members so well but I’m here to tell you there is more to these boys than meets the eye. Sure, there’s punk and weed but there’s also sex and at least one other thing that get’s them out of bed at 2 in the afternoon. By my count, that makes four things (at least).

Clay, Roy, Joe and Rory have had a solid 18 months of gigs, recording and making international contacts from the furthest place on earth to the US and it’s paid off. The boys are heading to America in September for a series of dates and wrong side of the road bus trips, not to mention a sampling of the goods that LA has to offer (not too much pot while you’re driving please) the musical highlight of which will be an appearance at Goner Fest in Memphis!

Their track Blister (which sees Roy take lead vocal and was featured on Noisy, Vice’s music loving cousin), is a buzz fest about love, drugs, clothes, dog shit and the streets between the places you have to get to. If you like guitar music, you’ll love this track.