New Zealand enters second COVID wave as Auckland cluster grows to 48 cases

In the last 24 hours, New Zealand have confirmed 12 new community cases and one potential case of COVID-19 across the country. The 12 confirmed cases are linked to a cluster in Auckland, stemming from a family who tested positive to the virus earlier this week.

This brings the number of active infections in New Zealand to 48, just days after the country had recorded over 3 months free from any new active cases.

coronavirus spike in new zealand

New Zealand have confirmed 48 active cases of coronavirus across the country, as a cluster in the nation’s biggest city Auckland continues to grow.

As the virus begins to spread outside of Auckland, today’s totals also include two cases in the town of Tokoroa. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern warns more cases will come from this cluster. Speaking to the media on Thursday, Ardern said “as we all learnt from our first experience with COVID, once you identify a cluster, it grows before it slows. We should expect that to be the case here.”

Auckland is currently under Stage 3 lockdown, with a decision expected to come today on how long it may last. Initially, the lockdown was announced for only 3 days, however, with cases continue to rise it’s likely to be extended.

The source of the outbreak is still unknown to health experts, with New Zealand’s Deputy Prime Minister claiming he believes it originated due to a breach in Hotel Quarantine. Closer to home, Victoria today reported 372 new cases and 14 deaths, with NSW reporting a further 9 new cases.

At least Leo has some good news for New Zealanders today: