Could this be the coolest thing a dad has ever done for his kid? Long live your Photoshop dreams!

Remember how you couldn’t wait for Adobe to release the next version of Photoshop so that you could jump on a torrent and download it in the hope that they had added scores of new filters, plugins and warp tools so that you could become the first true ‘digital artist’?

And remember how you’d spend hours messing around with the same-but-new plugins and filters on the latest version of Photoshop (which now needed a minimum of 2 gigs of RAM to operate properly) while your girlfriend watched Sex and the City. “Babe I could frame these. Seriously I think people would buy them!” No reply.

And remember how you got your girlfriend pregnant and all your dreams of becoming a ‘digital artist’ were put on hold?  Well… this digital warrior never forgot his dreams and may have just won dad of the year:


This dolphin is sick but at least he is happy. He has a really hard time looking ahead of himself so if forever knocking into stuff. He also has gills so we’re a little confused maybe he’s a shark dolphin hybrid or maybe… those aren’t gills?


This is the first car to make it through a teleport machine and come out the other end in one piece. Things are coming along nicely but suffice to say we won’t be testing it on animals or humans any time soon.


Yes giraffes are cool. No this is not a giraffe. It’s more like a Christmas stocking that was filled with chock chop biscuits and left outside for a year. The forces of nature and the protein in the dark chocolate brought it to life somewhere but most days it just wishes it was dead.


Please kill me.


This is Larry. None of the other elephants speak to Larry. Mostly they’re afraid that his condition is infectious. They call him Larry huge butt, Larry cigar legs, Larry small ears and so on but he doesn’t mind. He’s just glad to be alive.