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Courtney Love revealed her favourite Nirvana songs and somehow scored a date with AHS’ Sarah Paulson

Courtney Love reached out to fans on Instagram Live several nights ago, revealing her favourite songs by her late husband’s band Nirvana.

Among Instagram followers, the Hole lead singer also caught the attention of American Horror Story actress and super-fan Sarah Paulson.

During an Instagram live video, Courtney Love revealed her favourite Nirvana songs and managed to hook a date with AHS actress Sarah Paulson.

Viewers noticed the live stream was joined by Paulson who called Love a “true genius”. While Paulson was having a serious fan girl moment on Twitter, Love expressed her own adoration for the actress followed by a super chill “Dinner, me, u and Holland?”

Live broadcasts on Instagram disappear after they’ve ended, but Love is known to communicate with her fans often on social media.

According to NME, her fans asked which Nirvana song was her favourite and she responded with Heart Shaped Box (which in 2012 she told Lana Del Rey to be about her own vagina), Serve the Servants, Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle from the album In Utero and In Bloom from the previous album Nevermind.

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May 11, 2017