Daisy Valentine grooves through the cosmos on synth-pop delight ‘Falling Again’

Daisy Valentine has delivered pure synth-pop confection on ‘Falling Again’, a collaborative single with her brother and Khaki Fever bandmate, Gio. 

The sibling duo, both hailing from England, share writing and producing credits on the track, combining their respective sounds for a fusion that feels both nostalgic and futuristic. 

‘Falling Again’ opens with glittery, space-like synths and pulsating percussion, immediately situating listeners in what feels like an 80s ballroom.

Daisy Valentine 'Falling Again'

This groovy sound remains a throughline across the entire track, as Valentine and Gio borrow the genre’s infectious vocal riffs and a bassline that feels purpose-built for the dancefloor. 

At once recalling the likes of ABBA and Daft Punk, this funkier side of ‘Falling Again’ is carried by syncopated beats and electrifying harmonies, with a “walk in the night” refrain that’s destined to be an earworm.

While all the staples of funk-pop are there, Valentine and Gio combine this sound with masterful electro flairs. 

It’s here that ‘Falling Again’ pushes at the boundaries of its own sound, with the kind of sci-fi synths that traverse galaxies and an electronic build-up that dissipates into ambience.

Daisy Valentine 'Falling Again'

Towards the end of the track, Valentine sings in an almost-distorted vocal timbre reminiscent of a Madonna bridge, again showcasing the duo’s knack for fusing the old with the new. 

The ‘Falling Again’ cover art itself evokes the kind of sound Valentine and Gio are going for, with visuals that transplant the pastels and decor of the 70s into an otherworldly location.

Lyrically, Valentine sings in heavenly vocals of relenting to romance, recounting the inescapability of a crush whose “out of sight but never out of mind.” 

It’s the kind of track that could only emerge from the collaboration of two musicians who’ve mastered their sound, and it’s one that has us dancing through the cosmos.

Listen to Daisy Valentine and Gio of Khaki Fever’s latest single ‘Falling Again’ below.