Sandwich-board activist Danny Lim in hospital after arrest in Sydney CBD

Danny Lim has been left bloodied and in hospital, following an arrest in Sydney’s CBD yesterday (November 22). 

Popularly known for the text-based sandwich boards he wears throughout the city, Danny Lim was walking through George Street’s Queen Victoria Building when he was confronted by NSW Police, who were responding to a call from building security at around 11am. Footage of the incident shows two officers attempting to handcuff Lim, before pushing him to the ground where he lands on his face. 

The arrest was discontinued as an ambulance relocated Lim to Saint Vincent’s Hospital, where he is being treated for a black eye and injured cheekbone. Speaking to The Guardian Australia from hospital yesterday, Lim said he “couldn’t believe” the arrest or that “Australia could do this.” In their own statement, NSW Police said Lim was issued with a move-on order but failed to comply, resulting in his arrest. 

Credit: ABC News

Police have launched an independent review to examine the actions of officers during the incident, and are said to be using police camera footage in their investigations. At the time of writing, the activist has not been charged with any offenses. Lim was wearing a sign with the word “CVN’T”, similar to the one that led to his previous arrest for offensive public behaviour in 2019. In that case, Lim was fined $500, but successfully contested the charge in court. 

Credit: The Guardian

The presiding judge in the 2019 case, Jacqueline Milledge, was critical of officers’ conduct at the time, and ruled that Lim’s signs were not criminally offensive. Sydneysiders have flocked to social media to express their dismay regarding the arrest, with author Benjamin Law deeming the incident “Absolutely revolting.” Comedian Dan Ilic wrote that Lim is a “Sydney Icon”, saying the arrest “isn’t right”.