Darts’ top 10 tracks of 2015

Melbourne alt-rockers Darts have had a brilliant year. Kicking off with a signing to renowned Sydney label Rice Is Nice, who put out the band’s debut record Below Empty and Westward Bound, praise soon rolled in for the band for their razor sharp, 90s-inspired rock. With a bunch of massive sell out shows, supports slots with Alpine and Bully, and a huge set at Bigsound under their belt, the band topped things off running in at # 7 in Happy’s top 100 songs of year with their searing tune Westward Bound. We thought it was only suitable that they should name their top 10 tunes of the year as a thank you.

Darts Below Empty

They ran in at #7 in Happy’s top 100 songs of the year, now it’s time to check out who Darts rated the best in 2015.

Beck – Dreams

“This is a world apart from ‘Loser’, but there’s something so utterly satisfying about Beck in full on pop mode.” – Paige X Cho

Sleater-Kinney – No Anthems

“The pummeling drums and vocal acrobatics about this track almost make it my go-to karaoke song (except I can’t sing and also Destiny’s Child).” – Paige X Cho

Dilly Dally – Desire

“One of the strongest front women I’ve ever heard is Katie Monk.”– Ally Campbell-Smith

Soak – Sea Creatures

“Such a great new act that I’ve listened to over and over since first hearing. Really excited to see what she does next.”– Andrew Ayres

Majical Cloudz – Silver Car Crash

“I chose this track because I’m a hopeless romantic. The bursts of sounds throughout the song feel like crying pixels which you could hide in.”- Ally Campbell-Smith

Everything Everything – Regret

Great amazing 80s vibes from these guys and I’m all about 80s vibes.” – Andrew Ayres

Blur – Lonesome Street

One of the first ever albums I purchased with my own money was a Blur record, so having them back is giving me all kinds of nostalgia.” – Angus Ayres

No Zu – Ui Yia Uia

I’m a longtime fan of No Zu, this track is one of my go to songs for Sunday morning vacuuming whilst dancing sessions. Also features another Melbourne fave with Sui Zhen.” – Angus Ayres