Beyoncé makes history as the first female to make 20 top 10 hits

Beyoncé has done it again and by ‘it’ we mean, make a killer hit Break My Soul, which landed her in the top 10 Billboard music charts.

As if Beyoncé wasn’t already enough of a queen, now she has joined music royalty, Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson as Break My Soul ranks as the singer’s 20th top 10 hit.

On top of the 20 top ten titles as a solo artist, Beyoncé proudly has another ten chart-topping hits from her days in Destiny Child.

beyonce naked Renaissance
Credit: Instagram

Since Break My Soul moved from number 15 to number 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 last week, Queen Bey has become the third ever entertainer to reach such heights.

Michael Jackson has 30 top ten hits as a solo artist and had 11 with the Jackson 5 while Paul McCartney has 23 top ten hits as a solo act and 34 top ten songs with the Beatles.

Beyoncé’s latest track marks her first release of the year and comes as the lead single of her upcoming album Act I Renaissance, which is set to be released on July 29.

We’re placing bets now that the hitmaker will add a few more songs to her list of top ten tracks.

Listen to Break My Soul below.