Doja Cat blasts Noah Schnapp for sharing her DMs about Joseph Quinn

Doja Cat called out Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp for exposing their private DMs about her crush on Joseph Quinn: “borderline snake shit.”

Last week, Noah Schnapp broke the internet after posting a TikTok video that exposed some private DMs between Doja Cat and himself. The topic of conversation was Doja’s thirsty crush over Noah’s Stranger Things co-star, Joseph Quinn.

If you need a refresher, Doja messaged the 17-year-old actor, asking him to pass on a very important message to the Stranger Things heartthrob: “can you tell Joseph to hmu.”

Credits: Amy Sussman / Getty Images for MRC / Danielle Venturelli / Getty Images for Fendi / Rich Polk / Getty Images for MTV


As it turns out, the viral chaos this video ensued left Doja Cat quite embarrassed. The pop songstress took to Instagram live over the weekend, to discuss the whole debacle with her fans: “The fact that Noah posted a private conversation between me and him is so unbelievably socially unaware.”

She continued, “that’s like borderline snake shit. That’s like weasel shit.”

Just before roasting his actions though, Doja did make note of the fact that Noah is quite young: “To be fair, this is like a kid.”

She added, “When you’re that young, you make mistakes. You do dumb shit. I’m trying to be super fair. You do dumb shit, you say dumb shit, you fuckin’ fuck up relationships with people. You make mistakes. You’re supposed to do stuff like that so that you know not to do it in the future.”