Kylie Jenner slams a food delivery driver, calling him a liar

Kylie Jenner is apparently fighting with a food delivery driver about what he saw when delivering to her house.

An Instacart delivery driver recently posted a video on TikTok claiming that he had delivered pepperoni to Kylie Jenner’s house.

The driver, Pablo Tamayo claimed that Kylie didn’t pay him enough for the trip and that he heard a baby “scream”… It’s not really a wild claim but you bet we’re going to do our best detective work for such an important case.

Pablo Tamayo
Credit: TikTok

Tamayo said in his video that he received an order, and an insultingly small order at that, from West Hollywood and claimed the house he delivered to was owned by one of the most famous billionaires, Kylie Jenner.

The TikToker said: “As I’m driving by [the house] I see all this security and stuff. I’m like, ‘wait, this house looks so familiar, why?’,”

“[The order] is under the name of Ashton so I’m guessing it’s for her assistant or something,” 

“But they said I can’t leave it out and that I have to call and go to the gate. I’m so nervous I’m shaking.” he added.

@thisisntpabloI CANNOT MAKE THIS SHIT UP i just delivered to Kylie Jenner😭😭♬ original sound – Pablo Tamayo

Tamayo then filmed himself getting out of the car and meeting someone at the gate of the house, who seemed to take the order off him however, that’s where the video cut. Yeah, we’re doing some serious sleuthing.

After the delivery was made, Tamayo filmed himself back in his car and said because a bunch of tour buses were coming past, he was let in through the gate.

The young man went on to say how he could see into the house.

“I didn’t see Kylie, I didn’t see Stormi, but I swear I heard a baby scream,” he said.

Kylie allegedly hit back in the now-deleted TikTok comments according to The Cut.

The billionaire apparently said: “No one comes through the gate! The river ?? No river. The lying for attention rubs me the wrong way, sorry. Recipe coming soon lol,”

“I did not order this myself. He WAS tipped through the app. Lied too about seeing through my windows and hearing my son cry ??” Another comment from Kylie allegedly read.

@kyliejenneri’m convinced you either loooooove mayo or absolutely hate it

♬ original sound – Kylie Jenner

While it’s hard to prove any validity of the deleted comments, Kylie did post a TikTok video of a delicious-looking sandwich and guess what? It had pepperoni on it! Dun dun DUN!!!

Mystery solved, Kylie did in fact get pepperoni that day, from somewhere.