Dave Grohl shares new 'pandemic playlist' for all stages of coronavirus

Dave Grohl shares new ‘pandemic playlist’ for all stages of quarantine

Just when you thought you’d exhausted all your options for fresh music, Dave Grohl has come to the rescue with his quarantine playlist picks just in time for Easter. Announcing the playlist in an article for The AtlanticGrohl subdivided the pandemic into varying ‘stages’, in an act of pure analytical genius, designating each stage with its very own track.

“Years ago, on a tour in Australia, I spent a rare day off visiting a petting zoo to get a glimpse of some of the indigenous wildlife,” Grohl writes. “What I remember most from that day isn’t the snuggling of furry little critters… No. It’s a mangy wombat, running at top speed, carving a figure-eight track into the dirt of its small pen like a Supercross racer. Hi, I’m Dave Grohl. Welcome to quarantine!”

Dave Grohl
Photo: Alexandre Schneider, Getty Images

In a cooked yet scarily accurate breakdown of the stages of COVID-19 quarantine, Dave Grohl has provided an “appropriate musical accompaniment” for the challenges of staying indoors during the pandemic.

“In order to get through this difficult period (and I truly believe that we will get through this, in time), it is important to recognise the many stages of isolation and anxiety, and to pair them with appropriate musical accompaniment,” Grohl prefaced his playlist.

I know you’re all dying to hear what he has in store, so let’s start from the very beginning shall we? Stage 1: Preparation. Grohl lovingly notes that after “you’ve stockpiled enough pasta to feed an entire Olive Garden for a month”, you should feast your ears on Let’s Go by the Cars. A perfect match for your start-of-quarantine hype.

He then follows onto the seminal Stage 2: Nesting. Grohl describes this as the stage where you will “release your inner Marie Kondo” by obsessively undertaking home improvement projects. What better accompaniment for hours of vacuuming and re-decoration? Our House by Madness!

The rest of the playlist follows with an eclectic array of tracks from A Charlie Brown Christmas to Smashing Pumpkins, fitting alongside Grohl’s progressive stages of Productivity, Virtual Connection (aka Zoom, zoom and more zoom), Online Learning, Intimacy, Claustrophobia, Panic and Insanity.

As terrifying that this sounds, old mate Dave does finish the article on a happy note, with the last stage Hope finding a gorgeous accompaniment in The Beatles 1969 classic Here Comes The Sun. “In the meantime, go wash your fucking hands,” he reminds us as we all embark on our emotional journey through the pandemic.

Check out life-soundtracking Messiah Dave’s playlist below: