Dave Grohl has recalled a story about the time he secretly jammed with Prince

A few weeks ago Dave Grohl announced that he would be sharing autobiographical short stories through his new Instagram account. So far he’s shared three such stories, and not only are they every bit as crazy as you’d imagine, turns out the famed musician has quite a way with words.

Taking to Instagram yesterday, Grohl posted the latest anecdotal offering, and it describes an experience of jamming with none other than musical icon, Prince.

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Like baking with Betty Crocker or bong hits with Bob Marley: in his latest story, Dave Grohl has recalled the time he jammed with musical legend Prince.

The jam happened back in 2011 and Grohl described it as a dream come true:

“It was a proposition that I had wished for my entire adult life,” he wrote. “But never in my wildest dreams imagined possible. Jam. With. Prince. Absolutely unfathomable. That’s like dancing with Fred Astaire! Baking with Betty Crocker! Bong hits with Bob Marley! This man was a musical deity!”

After endearingly recalling the lead up to the jam and the overwhelming nerves he felt, Grohl eventually describes the experience in its full glory.

Taking to the drum kit, Grohl “started playing a groove, nothing fancy, but digging in to find my bearings on this behemoth wall of drums.”

Prince, who was watching him and grinning, “motioned to his bass player to hand over the instrument… strapped it on, and proceeded to decimate the damn thing with the smoothest, funkiest, fastest, most graceful playing I have ever seen to this day.”

At one point, to Grohl’s delight, Prince played Led Zepplin‘s Whole Lotta Love:

“Let me tell you, folks: I don’t have arms full of [Led] Zeppelin tattoos for nothing,” he wrote. “This was the universe folding into itself right before my eyes!!! Prince was gleefully tearing open my rib cage and diving into my motherfucking soul, y’all!”

Read the whole story below, and head over to his Instagram to check out the rest.