David Kushner: The rising star of Indie-Folk delivers “Daylight”

David Kushner’s new single “Daylight” is a hauntingly beautiful pensive ballad that looks at the paradox of desires that may be harmful to oneself.

David Kushner’s rich, resonant, and nostalgic indie-folk vocals sit comfortably beside luminaries Bon Iver and Bill Callahan, so comfortably, he has been steadily gaining some serious traction on TikTok, and with his new single “Daylight,” it’s easy to see why. With his sonorous, and earthy timbre, Kushner imbues “Daylight” with a sense of depth and emotion that’s impossible to ignore.

Produced by Rob Kirwan and accompanied by a stunning woodland-themed music video directed by Luke Shaw and Landon Juern, the pensive ballad looks at the paradox of desires that may be harmful to oneself. As Kushner explains, “The lyrics ‘Oh I love it and I hate it at the same time, you and I drink the poison from the same vine’ encapsulate this concept,” and his delivery is nothing short of haunting.

Already generating massive global streams and climbing the charts in the UK and Australia, “Daylight” is a promising preview of what’s to come from this rising star. And with Kushner’s recent European tour supporting Dean Lewis, it’s clear that his fervent fan following is only going to keep growing.

With a unique tone and impressive storytelling ability, Kushner is quickly becoming a household name in the indie-folk scene. And with his massive streaming and social profile, including 610M global career streams in under 12 months, 3M monthly Spotify listeners, 24.5M combined YouTube views, and 70M+ TikTok likes, it’s safe to say that he’s here to stay. Keep an eye on this one.



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