dba James Invites You to “Comeback” to his residency at NYC’s Heaven Can Wait Tonight

Calling all music lovers! dba James is back with his residency at NYC’s Heaven Can Wait tonight, serenading fans with his latest single ‘Comeback’ and a mesmerizing live performance that’s not to be missed.

Step right up, New Yorkers! dba James, the melancholic lofi indie sensation, is beckoning you to “Comeback” to his residency at NYC’s renowned Heaven Can Wait tonight. Fresh off the release of his latest single, “Comeback,” James is taking his new era to new heights, drawing inspiration from the aughts and expanding his sonic palette.

“Comeback,” with its delicate synths and relaxed beats, is a mesmerizing blend of sweet and solemn vocals that will transport you to a world of introspection and longing. Reflecting on the inspiration behind the track, James shared, “‘Comeback’ was written in 2020 when time stopped. I was living in my parents’ barn in Massachusetts driving an old Ford Ranger. For all that was going on in the world, life was good. I had met this girl who kept talking about moving to Mexico and I was trying to act cool about it, but inside I was wishing that time would continue to be paused. I started to imagine when everyone went back to ‘normal’ life and it made me feel this extreme loneliness. At the time, I was listening to a lot of Justin Timberlake so there is a little JT vibe in there, too.”

dba james

And what better way to celebrate the release of “Comeback” than with a live performance at Heaven Can Wait? Tonight’s show promises to be a night to remember, with Anna Shoemaker and DJ Buffy B2B Nailtech also taking the stage. The vibes at the first residency show were nothing short of immaculate, and James is ready to bring the heat once again for night two. But fear not if you can’t make it tonight, as there’s one more chance to catch James at Heaven Can Wait on May 18th – although who can wait that long?

In classic dba James fashion, he leaves us with a thought-provoking question: “The question isn’t ‘What are we going to do?’ The question is, ‘What aren’t we going to do?'” So, let’s answer that question by making our way to Heaven Can Wait tonight and experiencing the magic of dba James’ “Comeback” live in the heart of New York City. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable residency that’s sure to leave you craving more. Get your tickets now and let dba James sweep you off your feet with his soulful melodies and captivating performance.