David Lynch relaunches his old weather report series

Popular director David Lynch emerged from quarantine to bring back his unusual weather report videos yesterday, for the first time since the mid-2000s.

He may not be making anything film or television related, but it looks like the legendary filmmaker has taken a break from making lamps to revive an old hobby in isolation.

David Lynch

Filmmaker David Lynch has uploaded his first weather report clip in over a decade on Youtube.

The Dune and Twin Peaks director used to occasionally post short clips with enthusiastic readings of the Los Angeles weather. Though it’s been a while, the new 30-second video clip published to social media still has the same Lynchian charm.

The clip appears to have been shot in the same location as the others, behind a desk in Lynch’s Hollywood home.

“It’s kind of cloudy with some fog this morning, 64 degrees Fahrenheit,” says Lynch of Los Angeles weather.

“This should all burn off pretty soon, and we’ll have sunshine and 70 degrees. Have a great day!” he ends, finishing the video on a chipper note.

The clip is the debut upload on the director’s official Youtube channel created in 2018, David Lynch Theater. Here’s hoping this means that weatherman Lynch is back for good.

Watch Lynch’s weather report for May 11 below: