Dimitri Toonen unveils his passionate new album ‘Leave My Mind Sometimes’

Dimitri Toonen opens up a space for reflection and vulnerability on his latest slice Leave My Mind Sometimes. 

On his latest release, Dimitri Toonen opens up a vessel for healing and reconciliation. Whether you can explicitly relate to his lyrics or not, Leave My Mind Sometimes opens up its arms for you to fall into.

Shimmering acoustic melodies, unexpected hooks, and visceral reflections make up this stellar album: giving the listener a candid look into the artist’s life.

dimitri toonen

Leave My Mind Sometimes melts a lifetime’s love for music, the limitless and temporality of time, and growth into a breathtaking mirror of the artist’s world. From passionate choruses to sweltering tempos, Toonen does everything in his power to tell his story with candour and openness.

And boy does he deliver. Fragmented between unfurling suites and 2-minute slices of memory, the album approaches storytelling in a new and fresh way.


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“So, two years have gone by writing songs for ‘Leave My Mind Sometimes’, and it feels weird to close this period now that they are finished,” the artist writes. “But I’m happy and satisfied that I took all that time to write the songs for the album. I’ve started writing the songs in 2018/2019 and recorded most of it in that period as well. I had to learn a lot about mixing, and mixed the album in 2020. If you are still reading this, thanks for that and I hope you’ll enjoy the album that comes out this November!”

Do yourselves a favour and listen to the album below: