Dive into the surreal rock sculptures of Hirotoshi Ito

Hirotoshi Ito somehow creates fluidity and an alternate reality with stone sculptures. Carving into naturally textured rocks, the illusion of life is conjured from these inanimate geological artefacts.

Spend some time in the mind-bending world of Hirotoshi Ito. The Japanese artist completely transforms stones, creating movement in still life.

The natural marbled and textured rocks are delicately carved to created objects from our everyday lives, like coin purses in the process of unzipping, or legs of ham in the midst of being carved.

Then there are the alternate worlds. Miniature gardens seemingly ready to be zipped up and protected from the elements, a tableau of a village, even a set of smiling human teeth.

Find out more about Ito’s art on Facebook. See some of the work below.