Diving Birds offer a taste of the new old-fashioned with single Prowess

The passion is eminent in Diving Birds’ new single Prowess, a mediaeval rumination on a lack thereof.

An eclectic mix of genre and instrumentation, ranging from thick acoustic guitars to native wood, strings and keys, Prowess is a transporting three-minute soundtrack.

Rife with equal doses of drama and apathy, Diving Birds’ offer a clear sonic vision – one that resonates despite its foray into older, and potentially more acquired tastes. 

diving birds

Prowess slots nicely amongst Diving Birds’ discography of singles and EP’s, though perhaps a little more intent on showcasing a softer, more refined side of the duo.

There is something heroically nostalgic about Prowess, an ability to captivate regardless of prior tastes or opinions.

Perhaps it is the undeniable power of the vocal and the simplistic, though easily applicable lyricism, or the melodic guitar hooks that act as a precursor for an anthemic chorus.

Prowess carries with it an urgency, a sense of desperation that has previously gone untapped.

The track has an uncanny knack for conjuring images of a different space and time; one we access through our television screens and history books.

Castles and duels and long, long beards. A sense of honour and pride laced throughout Prowess’ plea for answers. 

diving birds

Dynamic and cleverly produced, Prowess continues to evolve whilst maintaining a sense of comfort in its repetition.

Moments of unexpected eruption with a calming, or feasibly exhausted breath caught between verses.

Diving Birds’ render themselves entirely accessible and welcoming while exercising their passion for historical and native sounds.

The authenticity the Diving Birds’ write and create with is probably their biggest draw; with no desire but to be anything but themselves, the music offered as a result has a tangible quality that reaches out a steady hand in our direction.

It is difficult not to be charmed by Prowess, and its shameless ability to be nothing but genuine.  

Stream Prowess and more of Diving Birds below. 

Review by Caitlin Norris