Do you know if Kabaddi is a cub or sport? We put Cub Sport to the ultimate test

Following the release of their debut long player This Is Our Vice, Cub Sport have been out on tour with Saskwatch. The band take some time to play a very silly game we like to call ‘Cub or Sport?’

Cub or Sport
Photo by Liam Cameron

HAPPY: Hey guys, first off I just want to say congrats on your debut album This Is Our Vice, it’s great to celebrate it’s release with you! It’s a beauty of an album. To celebrate, we’re going to play a very special game called ‘Cub or Sport’. I’ll read out the name for an obscure animal or sport, and you have to determine together what it is. Ready?

ALL: Yes!

HAPPY: Okay first one, Octopush.

ALL: Sport!

TIM: Yeah, it’s…

ZOE: It’s definitely not an animal.

SAM: Some kind of eight-person pushing game. Yep, that’s the one.

HAPPY: It is a sport, but it’s actually underwater hockey!

SAM: Are there eight people on the team?

DAN: Or maybe it’s four on four.

HAPPY: Alright next round, Kanin.

ZOE: Cub?

SAM: Yeah I reckon it’s going to be a cub.

TIM: It sounds like it’s from the Amazon on something.

ZOE: It sounds like a little fox.

TIM: I’m picturing a rodent, marsupial, canine, dog kind of thing. Are we going with the rodent-fox?

SAM: (laughs), Yes, rodent-fox. Dog-fox!

HAPPY: That is incorrect, it’s a Swedish sport that involves rabbit hopping. Like when horses jump over those things, but with bunnies.

SAM: Oh wow! I wouldn’t have guessed that. Well, we didn’t guess that (laughs).

HAPPY: Next one, Fossa.

TIM: Sport?

ZOE: Cub?

SAM: That sounds like it could be either?

DAN: Are these words of English origin? I hate to be technical, but the last one was Swedish! (laughs) Do you know if it’s an English word?

HAPPY: I’m assuming it is.

ZOE: I think it’s a cub.

SAM: We’ve had two sports, there has to be a cub in there somewhere.

TIM: Yeah, This one has to be a cub!

HAPPY: Any guess to what kind it is?

TIM: I’m thinking a rodent-marsupial-canine-dog (laughs)

SAM: It’s like a possum…

TIM: Slash squirrel.

HAPPY: It’s actually a tree mongoose.

ALL: Ohhhh!

SAM: That’s like a marsupial isn’t it?

HAPPY: Okay now, Hoatzin?

SAM: I think it’s a cub! Do you think it’s a sport Zoe?

DAN: Let’s just lock in cub, put us out of our misery! (laughs)

SAM: It sounds like a strong animal.

ZOE: I was thinking a bird, like a Cassowary…

TIM: I was thinking bird too! But who knows, this is all guessing!

Cub or Sport
Photo by Liam Cameron

HAPPY: It is actually a bird! Now the next one, what is a Wunderpus?

ZOE: Is it German for Octopus?

SAM: Sport I reckon.

DAN: It’s definitely Table Tennis.

TIM: No it’s a winter sport.

ZOE: Skiing.

SAM: Sleigh Riding! (laughs) It has to be that!

HAPPY: So locking in that one? it actually was an octopus!

ALL: Ohhhh!?

SAM: Where is it from?

HAPPY: Somewhere in Europe, I think.

TIM: Well there you go.

HAPPY: Our next obscure thing is Pesapallo.

TIM: Yeah, I’m picturing another like, random marsupial. Everything that I think turns into a bilby, or a possum…

SAM: Or a bear cub?

TIM: Or a bear cub. (laughs)

SAM: Do you think it’s a platypus? Platypus-apallo? (laughs).

TIM: I think they’re only in Australia. It doesn’t sound Australian though? Let’s go marsupial though.

HAPPY: It’s Finnish baseball.

SAM: Dan, why didn’t you know that?

DAN: Sorry, I’m still hung up on Wunderpuss

HAPPY: Okey dokes, Kabaddi?

TIM: I reckon that’s a…

ZOE: Possum!

DAN: I reckon that’s a sport, and it’s a martial art.

SAM: Like karate? Yep, lock that in!

HAPPY: Martial arts?

SAM: I reckon it might even be some sort of sword fighting martial art.

TIM: So let’s keep it broad, and say it’s a broad martial art. Or at the very least a physical activity.

HAPPY: It is a sport,  but it’s one where you have to run up to the other team while they’re holding onto one another and try break their line of defense while holding their breath.

ZOE: Oh wow.

SAM: How can they tell they’re not just breathing through their nose?

ZOE: Nose sensors.

DAN: It’s a very advanced game.

HAPPY: Next one is Tasseled Wobbegong.

TIM: That’s a shark.

HAPPY: Nice dude, it is in fact carpet shark!

TIM: My number one fear, sharks.

SAM: You know your enemy.

TIM: I don’t want a shark experience, but I want to see one in real life.

SAM: To see on in the wild, but from a safe distance. A VERY safe distance.

HAPPY: Like a cage?

SAM: No not a cage. Like I can be on a cliff and look down and see it enjoying itself down below.

TIM: I’m obsessed with sharks because I’m afraid of them.

Cub or Sport
Photo by Liam Cameron

HAPPY: Alright, back to the game! A Smolt?

DAN: That’s an animal.

TIM: I reckon it’s like a tiny ring-tailed baby marmoset.

HAPPY: It is a baby, but it’s actually a baby salmon.

ALL: Awwwwwwwwww.

ZOE: Yum!

TIM: Can you imagine that, a baby smolt wrapping itself around your finger like a marmoset?

HAPPY: Now it’s time for our final round, Hallaton?

SAM: Is that like a Hallibut?

DAN: What’s that?

SAM: It’s like a fish.

ZOE: I think it’s a sport.

TIM: It’s a sport. I think it’s a drone sport (laughs).

ZOE: I think like a badminton sport.

SAM: Yep, like a racket ball sport!

HAPPY: It is a sport, but no rackets involved. A hare pie is distributed to the crowd before the bottle kicking contest begins between the villagers of Hallaton and their neighbours from Medbourne. The goals are a mile apart and the scrum heaves its way across fields, fences and streams.

TIM: How long does that go for?

HAPPY: About a day, sometimes longer.

TIM: Oh that sounds pretty fun!

DAN: I reckon I’d be bored in about three minutes. I’d get one kick in and I’d be done. I’ve done my bit for the town!

HAPPY: That was a pretty decent effort dudes. Now, we have one final question for you. Obviously we like talking about things that make us happy, so what makes you happy?

TIM: My dogs Missy and Evie.

SAM: I live with Missy and Evie, so I’ll say Missy and Evie.

ZOE: Beer (laughs)

DAN: I’m drawing a blank.

TIM: Being around us?

ZOE: Drugs?

SAM: Grilld?

DAN: I keep thinking about Milo, is that any good?

SAM: The dogs, beer and Milo.

DAN: Oh, Milo is going below the dogs, that’s pretty harsh. Milo has been around longer than your dogs! It’s got me through a lot of hard times. What does make me happy?

TIM: Being in a band? getting to spend so much time with us!

ZOE: No, let’s stick with Milo.

DAN: Milo, let’s lock it in.