Iconic Sydney live music venue The Basement is making a comeback

For years, The Basement was a favourite among lovers of live music, consistently delivering great music for 45 years.

Having played host to major artists such as Prince and Dizzy Gillespie across the years, the loss of The Basement was a true blow to Sydney’s live music scene. Fortunately, it seems the boys at Mary’s thought so too.

basement marys undersground
Photo: The Basement/Facebook

Iconic Sydney live music venue The Basement is to receive a new lease on life under the new name Mary’s Underground.

Mary’s is a rock ‘n’ roll back alley burger joint filled with outrageously sick art. After the #savethebasement rally it was clear Sydney was desperate for more venues like The Basement to stay, and the team behind Mary’s are listening.

Having already revived The Landsdowne back in 2017, Jake Smyth and Kenny Graham are proving themselves to be the heroes of Sydney’s live music scene in its darkest hour.

Smyth shared: “We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, inhabited by some of the most talented folk in the world. Sydney 2019 is glorious and we are all about celebrating that fact.

Another perk of having Mary’s take the reins is the food! Mary’s will be bringing their burgers and beer to the upstairs section of Mary’s Underground so we can enjoy great food with our great tunes!

Beyond this, not much is known about the revival, but we promise to keep you posted!